NASA Space Robotics Challenge Team WPI Finalists

What is NASA’s Space Robotics Challenge?

The NASA Space Robotics Challenge was an industry competition that tasked teams with developing and displaying the ability of an R5 robot to assist with the necessary tasks within a NASA mission, such as one on Mars. We used the Robot Operating System (ROS), and the virtual environment Gazebo to simulate the robot performing the tasks. Read more about the challenge here.

How did WPI’s team do?

The WPI Humanoid Robotics Lab team was among 20 finalists in the competition, beating out over 405 teams from 55 countries.

2nd Place at Intel ISEF 2016

Placed 2nd place in the category of Engineering Mechanics at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair alongside Project Maverick. In throughout ISEF 2016, I also received:

If you saw me at the 2016 Intel International Science Fair competition and wanted to find my presentation poster, or if you are just interested in my presentation, you can find my poster here!