FIRST Robotics Competition Team 2761 IronHorse Robotics

Throughout all of high school, I participated on FIRST FRC Team 2761 as the Lead Engineer from 2012 to 2016. Throughout my 4 years with the team, I designed and built over 6 robots, including 4 competition robots. Below is a compilation of our most impressive robots:

2016: StrongHold

In 2016, we designed our robot to pickup boulders(balls), cross obstacles, and then shoot the boulders in goals, as per the 2016 StrongHold game. The robot had a similar drive train spec to the 2014 robot but with one big difference: 10in. wheels to help it go over rough obstacles. Its top speed was 14 ft./s and had a max pushing force of 150lbs. During the Central Valley Regional, IronHorse Robotics was ranked 25th, with a record of 6-7-0, and invited to the Fourth Tier alliance, along with 2073 and 701. At the inaugural Orange County Regional, IronHorse Robotics was ranked 18th, with a record of 5-9-0, and was invited to the Eighth Tier alliance. At the 2016 FIRST World Championships, IHR competed in the Carson division.

2015: Recylce Rush

The 2015 robot was primarily designed to stack totes (boxes) and place a trashcan on top, as per the 2015 Recycle Rush game. It had a slower but more robust drive train, with a top speed of about 10ft/s. This was also the first year our team used omni-wheels on 4 of the 6 drive wheels. It was capable of stacking 6 totes with a trashcan on top. Team 2761 and its robot was ranked 25th at the Central Valley Regional with an average qualifying score of 45.40, and an average playoff score of 66.50. Alongside Team 330 and Team 1717, we broke records at the Ventura Regional with an average playoff score of 154.14, winning the regional and qualifying the team for the FIRST Championships. In St. Louis, IronHorse Robotics was ranked 38th in the Newton Division with an average qualifying score of 120.80. 

Team 2761 T-Shirt Cannon

Built off of the exciting and proven 2014 drive train, this robot was designed with one thing in mind: fun. It shoots a rolled up T-Shirt over 30ft high from up to 50ft away. We as a team mostly used this for events within our school, but occasionally took it out to other more public events, like Fresno State's opening football game in 2015.

2014: Aerial Assist

This 2014 robot was tasked to throw a large Yoga ball around over obstacles and in goals, as well as directly to human players (click here to see the game). It had a top speed of 14ft/s and was capable of over 130lbs of pushing force with its 4 CIM drive motors. This robot competed at the Central Valley Regional with a record of 7-7-0, and at the Sacramento Regional with a ranking of 4th place and a record of 11-3-0, making it through to the Quarterfinals.

2013: Ultimate Ascent

This robot was designed to throw a Frisbee, as per the 2013 game, Ultimate Ascent.  This was my first attempt at a large scale robot. It contained an omni-directional drive system, otherwise known as a Swerve Drive. The robot had a top speed of 6ft/s, and was capable of launching a Frisbee every 3 seconds. The team competed in the Central Valley Regional with a record of 4-8-0. They went also compete at the Silicon Valley Regional, with a record of 3-7-0.